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3 Ways to Help Your Child Succeed in School

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While the majority of learning happens at school or during private tutoring sessions, there are some actions that parents can take at home to contribute to their child’s overall academic success. WyzAnt.com reviewed several hundred tips submitted by their network of private tutors and the following three tips were the most frequently submitted suggestions for how parents can help their children succeed in school.

3 Ways to Help Your Child Succeed in School

1. Have your child teach you what they learned during their last lesson. When a student is engaged and thinking critically, they start to process information in their own words. By having your child teach you what they have learned you are making them think critically about the subject. Even if you already know what your child is studying, pretend you have no idea. Your child will have fun playing the role of your teacher while simultaneously reinforcing the lessons that they have learned!

2. Communicate with your child’s teacher and tutor. Good communication will allow you to identify exactly where your child may be struggling without having to read between the lines. The teacher or tutor may have a teaching style that doesn’t fit with your child’s learning style and, if that’s the case, it is something you will need to talk about.

3. Encourage a healthy mind and body! Make sure that your child is eating a nutritious diet and getting enough sleep. Exercising is also an important factor. Lastly, your child’s mental and social health can also have an impact on their performance in the classroom so make sure that everything is okay!

Need to Find a Tutor?

GeometryRegents.com recommends searching for local tutors on WyzAnt.com because they have the largest network of tutors available on the web. There are over 75,000 tutors ready to help you and your child succeed! Check them out if you need to hire a tutor.

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